Friday, January 23, 2009

#23 Podcasts

I searched most of the listed resources and found some interesting things.

From the NLC Interchange I learned about iPodder, which can be used to capture podcasts when a person has a schedule conflict at the time they are presented and then listen to them anywhere, any time. How convenient!

In searching Google for library podcasts I found LibrarySpot which has a wide variety of good podcasts. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day, while too advanced for the elementary school library where I work, would be good for a high school library. I wonder if it could be incorporated into the school website? A feature on LibrarySpot that would be appropriate for the elementary school is Booktalks Quick and Simple. It is simply short talks about a large number of children’s books designed to arouse interest in reading each book. The talks I listened to are very effective.

In the iTunes Podcast store I found podcasts from and a very interesting episode on whether antibacterial soap is really beneficial or not. (It’s hard to stick strictly to library topics.) This would be a fun reference for a public library, I would think. I subscribed to this podcast, but it came into my iTunes library rather than Bloglines.

I added All About Books from NET Radio to my Bloglines, even though it’s definitely not elementary school level, just to fulfill this exercise.

There certainly is a wide variety of podcast topics. I’m not sure I even scratched the surface, but this experience has been interesting anyway.

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