Monday, January 26, 2009

#23 End or Beginning

#23 The End or the Beginning

My favorite discoveries on this learning journey would have to be RSS feeds, Web Apps--especially Google Docs--wikis and podcasts.
I like receiving current information and programming without having to go out and search for it, which RSS feeds and podcsts do.
I think a wiki would be a good alternative to so many committee meetings for planning events. It could be limited to committee members until tentative plans are made and then opened to others for feedback as desired.
Google Docs appear to be a way to bridge the barrier between the Mac and PC platforms. Both can contribute to these documents. It’s also a good way to take work home without carrying anything and running the risk of leaving vital information in the wrong place.

This program has helped me learn a host of new things and broadened my horizons as to what may in the future become common practice.

One benefit to this program that surprised me was the information, websites, shared slideshows, etc. I came across on organizing everything from paper, to my desk, to my life. I can always benefit from inspiration to better organize my “stuff” and my life.

One regret I have is that family events beyond my control interrupted my work on this program in October and I had a hard time catching up. I really had to hurry at the end. Your plan for taking a week with each thing is a good one, and could perhaps be emphasized more. I would prefer to have done one thing per week so I could be more at ease with using each of them before I had to move on.

If you offered another discovery program like this in the future I would want to participate. I would work on keeping my schedule as uncluttered as possible to take my time learning each “thing”.

One last point I would like to make is that we spent far more than 15 or even 23 hours on this program to get our 15 hours of CE credit. I think the time was well spent, but there is an inequity between the effort needed for these credits and that of others.

Thank you Allana, Christa, Michael and Susan for all the work you put into preparing and monitoring this program for us!!! Will you be leaving the 23 Things up after January 30 so we can come back and review if we want to?


Michael Sauers said...

The Nebraska Learns 2.0 pages will be left online indefinitely however they information will not be updated. I'm glad you enjoyed the program.

Rae S. said...

Thanks Michael, I appreciate that. I'm sure I'll need to refer back to some of your good information.