Monday, January 12, 2009

#13 Twitter

I have explored the Twitter resources, followed Jessamyn West and Michael Sauers to some extent, set up my account and made a couple tweets. It seems that Twitter can be as simple or as complicated as each person desires.

Perhaps the most helpful information I saw was the Five Fast Twitter Tips at the end of Ellyssa Kroski’s article, just under the pictures of the 10 more followed librarians. It helped some of the tweets make more sense to me.

I didn’t get any results when I searched for references to my town, so we must not be Twittering yet. I also searched a few topics of interest and found references to, which I have just recently found as well.

I think the most practical professional use of Twitter is embedded in Library web sites for reference questions (especially the NLC_Reference) or announcements of late-breaking occurrences.

Something I also discovered is that Twitter can take up a lot of time!

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