Thursday, January 22, 2009

#21 You Tube

Right now You Tube has a lot of videos about the Obama inauguration, but I was pleased to see that it also has videos of past presidents' inauguration speeches as well. I would have liked to listen to them, but can't justify the time from my regular library work.

I had a hard time finding a video, other than those I just mentioned, that I really liked. My tastes are apparently not mainstream YouTube. But I found one by singer Michael W. Smith that I relate to. It is located at: The song he sings is called, "How to Say Goodbye." The video is about a father whose daughter is getting married, but I relate as a mother whose son is far away overseas. The embedding of this video was disabled by request so I can't get it into my blog.

I also found videos from the CommonCraft show, some of which we've watched for Nebraska Learns 2.0. I found a financial one about how to apply for and get a loan. This and some of the other CommonCraft show videos would be useful tools at school or in a public library.

The YouTube site is easy to navigate and has an unimaginable variety of content, all the way from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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