Friday, December 12, 2008

Thing #8, Flickr

I watched the Online Photo Sharing video and find the idea of backing up my digital photos online attractive. I'm not sure I'm ready to share them with the world, yet, though. And I still need to develop my own system for labeling my photos. But I like the idea of not losing them if my computer would crash.

The Flickr tour makes it appear to be an ideal place to back up my photos. I explored some public Flickr photos and found the variety of subjects, as well as skill levels of the photographers, interesting.

One photo that caught my eye was titled, "Kids in the Rear View". It can be viewed at I think I approach this photo from a different viewpoint than the photographer because my kids are grown now. Whenever I look at pictures of them as children, it's from the "rear view" and with nostalgia. I miss the exuberant, happy children that they were. But I'm very proud of them and what they are doing now. Someday perhaps they will have children and I can enjoy the happy exuberance of grandchildren. However, I will wait patiently in the meantime, treasuring my memories of their childhood.

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